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"Can you play song with lyrics?" Or "Can you play -insert whatever pop/top 40 song title here-?"

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Brother Shane

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I was entranced the first time I saw close up what the DJs were doing behind the decks at Motion Notion 2001 and after a few more parties I knew I wanted to learn. CD/USB/Laptop's weren't prevalent at that time so I started this journey on vinyl, something I think gave me a solid skill base to build upon. It has been interesting for me, starting from my bedroom and a few house parties to where I am now. While life and work have pushed this hobby of mine to the back burner far too often, it was around '08-'09 when I finally made this into a stable and large part of my life. I have made huge strides in my skills in the past years and continue to strive to better myself. The journey is far from over and I look forward to see where things go from here.

Currently I spin sporadically at various events and festivals in Calgary and BC area. While spending time in Cairns, Australia I held a weekly slot at the Sugar Hut on the weekends. I am one of the co-founders of the small and growing festival Treemendus ( and help host, organize and DJ the yearly show. On sporadic nights I play on Treemendus Radio and previously held weekly slots on Underground DJ Network/Wicked DJs' webcasts.

upcoming events

  • 25 Aug

    Broken Motion - Philthy//EP//Motion Notion

    OK Everybody! Broken Motion is ready to break up your Motion Notion and bring you the heavy beats you know you need!
    This year we have a serious lineup of some of canada's finest dj's playing nothing but badass broken beats: Eradik, Camzilla, Prospect, Koat, Meow Mix, Brother Shane, Chris B, Andy B, Droplette, Scottie, Moe Beaslee, Zigity, Kootc, Verboze, Prograsmz, Gravage, 8-bit tits, Maxwell, Distinct, Jedi Cheek, Downward Loki, Wuji Beats, Vibespredah, Alchemist, Digipunk, ---full dj info coming soon--- Come and find us at the back end of camp 4 and kick back with the crew, shoot some pool, play some cards, and maybe a game of foozeball ;) Help support Philthy City and Epic Proportions by buying your tickets through the following exclusive link: Don't forget to enter the promo code "PHILTHY" to get your discount :) Can't wait to bring the rowdy to this festival once again with you all! C U AT THE SHOW!!!

    venue Motion Notion 2017 - 4220 Beaverfoot Rd, Golden, British Columbia V0A 1H0

    tickets $0


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